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The British Shakespeare Association is a professional association of teachers, researchers, theatre practitioners, writers and enthusiasts. The BSA is a registered charity and its aims are educational – ‘to promote and foster a better understanding of Shakespeare and his work’. Read more about us »

Shakespeare Inside Out Part 2: Sarah Olive’s presentation

In his blog Teaching Shakespeare Inside Out, Peter Kirwan refers to Sarah Olive’s presentation for the panel with the same name at the BSA Lancaster Conference in February. We thought readers might like to take a closer look at Sarah’s presentation. Her introduction to the way...
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How do you use theatre performances in your teaching?

Do you value theatre visits as part of your teaching of Shakespeare and if so, is it possible for you to actually arrange such visits for your students?  How are any such visits financed ? Do you like to take your students to see a performance before they begin to study the text?...
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Teaching Shakespeare Inside-Out: Embracing Student Knowledge

Teaching, it would seem, is firmly back on the agenda. At the tenth anniversary conference of the British Shakespeare Association, amid the usual strong showing of performance, research and practitioner events, a strong but vocal Education strand showcased the strong work being...
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