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BSA Code of Conduct
By ticking this box I agree to uphold the BSA’s Code of Conduct and Sexual Harassment Policy during the event. A key aim of the BSA is to bring together a diverse membership of academics, teachers, students, practitioners, and members of the public from the UK and beyond in order to foster a better understanding of Shakespeare and his works. We strive to uphold a sense of community based on respect, understanding, and the principles outlined in our Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity policy. Therefore, the BSA takes seriously any instances of harassment or disrespectful behaviour in any of our activities or events, including in-person and online events, as well as interactions in BSA forums such as Board and Annual General Meetings. Harassment and disrespectful behaviour can take many different forms (manifested verbally, non-verbally, through physical actions, or digitally) and can include incidents such as: crude behaviour; unwanted physical contact or attention (sexual or otherwise); offensive gestures, statements, or jokes; dismissive or demeaning forms of address; threats; coercion. The BSA condemns and will not tolerate behaviour that demeans, endangers, humiliates, or threatens an individual based on their sexual orientation, gender, race, disability, religious beliefs, age, or professional status, and would encourage anyone who is affected by any such behaviour to make it known to our organization confidentially via our EDI Trustee, Chair, or any other member of the BSA Board of Trustees whom the individual would feel comfortable approaching. The BSA reserve the right to take action, such as the revocation of BSA membership, against anyone who breaches our Code of Conduct and Sexual Harassment Policy.
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