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BSA Conference

BSA 2023 Conference: ‘Re-locating Shakespeare’

University of Liverpool

Tuesday 25th – Friday 28th July 2023

**Enrolment is now open for BSA 2023 seminars and workshops.**

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The second part our the BSA 2023 call for papers is also now open.

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Typical session formats at BSA conferences:

  • Paper panels (normally consisting of three papers of c.20 minutes in length)
  • Seminars, which are led by one or more organisers and centre around a particular theme, invite participants to write short papers that are then pre-circulated within the group. It is customary for seminar leaders to invite their participants to share feedback on one another’s work, in order to facilitate a rich set of conversations and exchanges when the group meets during their session at the conference.
  • Workshops are focused more on active or hands-on engagement with a given topic and normally do not require participants to write papers in advance. Some workshop leaders might invite their group to undertake other forms of preparation, such as reading, preparing (for) physical exercises, or watching clips.
  • Roundtables, which address a particular topic or theme, normally bring together a group of speakers and take the form of a conversation or series of related short papers followed by dialogue between the speakers.

Future Conferences

The British Shakespeare Association welcomes applications from institutions to host future British Shakespeare Association conferences. This is the largest regular Shakespeare conference in the United Kingdom, bringing together researchers, teachers and theatre practitioners to share the latest work on Shakespeare and his contemporaries.

Further details and proposal form are here:

Like all BSA events, BSA conferences are expected to adhere to our Code of Conduct.

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