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2018 Honorary Fellowship Awarded

Roger HarcourtThe BSA is delighted to announce the election of our new Honorary Fellow for 2018: Roger Harcourt. Roger is a giant in the world of Shakespearean Education. A teacher for the whole of his life, he has touched thousands of young people with his immense experience and insights. He has given the greatest gift any educator can give to his students: inspiration. Such a gift to these many young Shakespeareans (and it is he who made them so) is inestimable.

Worldly fame, celebrity, are too often the guide as to where excellence lies. But Roger’s commitment, passion, joy, expertise and achievements in passing on the torch of inspiration to generations of young students is clearly the truest measure. To celebrate a lifetime’s achievement of excellence in the Shakespearean world is our remit for the bestowing of an Honorary Fellowship. And it is wonderful that we can celebrate Roger and the Shakespearean constituency that he has represented with such distinction.

Andrew Jarvis, Chair of the BSA Fellowship Committee

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