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First Impressions: Biographic Shakespeare by Viv Croot

This post is part of a series of brief, ‘first impression’ reviews of books on Shakespeare in Education. Look out for others posted to the BSA’s Education Network Blog.

Name of reviewing team: Daisy 

In a Nutshell, this book is about:

Familiarizing readers with the authors of famous plays, specifically Shakespeare to gain understanding of their reasoning for certain aspects of plays, with specific attention towards their habits, thought process and achievements. Provides lots of knowledge is “how did the plague affect Shakespeare”

Who would like it?

Students, teachers, broad audience is anyone with an inters in Shakespeare and his writing.

Who wouldn’t like it?

People with no interest in Shakespeare and the content he wrote.

Best Features?

  • Includes new perspectives and understanding, goes deeper than surface meaning of a text.
  • Interesting and intriguing facts that resonate and provoke thought.

Worst Quality?

Could provide more information about certain aspects that haven’t been discussed.

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