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First Impressions: Directing with the Michael Chekhov Technique by Mark Monday

This post is part of a series of brief, ‘first impression’ reviews of books on Shakespeare in Education. Look out for others posted to the BSA’s Education Network Blog.

Name of reviewing team: Katherine

In a Nutshell, this book is about:

  • Methods and techniques (Chekhov technique).
  • Collaboration between actor and director/teacher
  • Rehearsal process.

Who would like it? 

  • Anyone directing a show
  • Teachers
  • Actors
  • Anyone interested in Michael Chekhov

Who wouldn’t like it?

Directors and actors opposed to Chekhov’s techniques.

Best Feature?

Includes lists of exercises and explains how to do them and their effects on the cast/actor.

Worst Quality?

Focuses a lot on A Midsummer Night’s Dream, could have more options.

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