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First Impressions: Studying Othello edited by Barbara Bleiman and Lucy Webster

This post is part of a series of brief, ‘first impression’ reviews of books on Shakespeare in Education. Look out for others posted to the BSA’s Education Network Blog.

Name of reviewing team: Kayleigh

In a Nutshell, this book is about:

Exploring different ways to teach Othello to students who are studying. It looks at each scene and gives you lesson plans, character maps.

Who would like it? 

Teachers would like this book. Teacher who enjoy teaching more active methods to help engage student’s understanding.

Who wouldn’t like it?

Perhaps the more traditional teacher who prefers sticking to the script without active learning

Best Feature?

The “before reading the scene” summary. This helps the teacher recap what is in the scene. Also the exercise starters.

Worst Quality?

Maybe more pictures in colour, if the teachers wanted to copy/scan a sheet for students.

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