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Statement on the UCU Strike Action over Pensions

In our capacity as trustees of the BSA, we state our concern for the current dispute over proposed changes to the USS pension scheme.  Although these changes will not affect the majority of our diverse membership directly, we nevertheless consider them a threat to the future of teaching and research about Shakespeare. The erosion of a secure pension scheme will  inevitably make academic careers less attractive to a younger generation of Shakespeare researchers who will lead future thinking and share this with communities of teachers, theatre practitioners, and the wider public. With this in mind, we publicly state our personal support for the UCU strike and encourage all our members to do the same.

Alison Findlay (Chair)

José Pérez Díez

Paul Prescott

Gabriel Egan

Susan Anderson

Elizabeth Glyn

Eleanor Rycroft

Karin Brown

Ramona Wray

Karen Eckersall

Brett Greatley-Hirsch

James Harriman-Smith

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